Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Obama: Winner of the War?

After reading an op-ed in New York Times about Obama's success at handling the bringing down of Osama Bin Laden, I began to wonder what the conservative media's response was to Obama's recieing the credit capturing/ killing Osama Bin Laden. I headed over to Fox News to check it out. On their landing page there were two articles about Obama and the capture of Osama. The first was entitled Obama's Big Bet on Ground Zero , this article focused on Obama's visit to Ground Zero post the capture of Bin Laden as being primarily motivated by Obama's wish to get a bounce in the polls. I found it interesting that Fox News is framing Obama's response to the capture of Bin Laden as a campaign move, rather than a desire to address during this victorious time.


  1. It's more than interesting. It's expected due to their conservative bias. Instead of giving him a thumbs up free of negativity, they chose to a frame that would spin the story to their liking and turn a sweet story, sour.

  2. Politics aside, I can understand why the conservative media would frame Obama's actions as pure campaign moves. A) Because most actions of most candidates at this point, presidents included are campaign moves and B) they probably are resentful because they believe it was Bush's hard work that allowed for Osama to be captured. I'm sure this has happened before. Wars have been fought during one presidency and won during another and the latter president gets all the credit and the campaign boost.

  3. Even if killing Osama Bin Laden at this time happened simply because it was the best time to kill him due to CIA information and positioning (which I doubt it was), its pretty hard to not understand Bin Laden's death as a strategic move by Obama due to his political positioning and the upcoming elections.